SCUBA Diving in Egypt’s Red Sea

A beautifully shot high-definition video of a group SCUBA diving in the Red Sea in Egypt. Dazzling scenery includes the plants and animals of the sea and a gorgeous ship wreck. Sharks and other colorful and exotic sea creatures swim among the coral in the amazing blue waters. A breathtaking video of a truly breathtaking dive experience. The video uploader and diver, eastanubis, says that what he remembers most about the dive is the amazing visibility. The visibility and the abundance of sea life, as well as the right equipment for shooting underwater in high definition, made for a great video.

I personally went scuba diving in several countries including Mexico and Thailand, and I must say the best and most accessible reefs I’ve ever come across were those in the Red Sea near Hurghada.

+ Who

This video of SCUBA diving in the Red Sea is one of 16 videos currently hosted on the youtube channel of user “eastanubis”. He appears to be a relatively unknown youtube user, with only 126 followers of his fantastic underwater videos. On his channel page he describes himself as a lover of SCUBA who wishes he could get out into the water more often. In this video he is accompanied by two friends. This video is the highlight of his page, and has over 20,000 views. Most of his videos are between 3000 and 4000 views. His underwater dive videos are from all over the world, from Egypt to Thailand and Malaysia and beyond.

+ Where

This video was made in Egypt’s Red Sea and filming was done in six locations in the sea: Big Brother, Small Brother, Daedelus, Numida Wreck, Gola Abu Ramada and El Mina Wreck. The Red Sea is a seawater inlet of the Indian Ocean, lying between Africa and Asia. It is nearly 1,400 miles long and has an average depth of approximately 1600 feet. It is a popular dive spot and noted for it’s marine life and corals.

+ What

In this video three divers descend (0:15) into the Red Sea to explore the rich and abundant marine life below the surface. The sea is an inlet of the Indian Ocean and is the northernmost tropical sea in the world. It is home to an amazing variety of life, from large hammerhead sharks (0:50) to tiny fish (1:25). The divers explore the corals and sea floor (1:25) and swim among two beautiful and haunting wrecks (3:00 and 3:20). The stark gray of the wrecks contrasts with the vibrant colors of the sea life (4:29). As they go, they shoot high definition video using a Sony HDR 550 in a Light and Motion Bluefin 550 housing with Magic Filter, a Fathom 90 wide angle lens and two Sola 1200 video lights also from L&M. Music by Yanni accompanies the footage of the underwater scenery and the divers as they enjoy this fantastic dive and marvel at the sights of the sea. 

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