Cosmopolitan Bikini Bash 2017

Promoters at Cosmo’s 2015 party

Every year, Cosmopolitan Magazine organizes one of the most anticipated pool parties in the Riviera Maya. More often than not, the event takes place at the Hard Rock Hotel which is located between Cancún and Playa del Carmen. Besides having an awesome time, the goal of the event is to arrange as many bikini-clad girls as possible on the beach to spell out “COSMO” and take an aerial photos which will be published in the magazine.

I always have an amazing time at the Cosmopolitan Bikini Bash because the organizers always have some original games or activities planned. That, and the hundreds of pretty girls in bikini’s of course, duh. 🙂 The only party that topped them so far has been Corona Sunsets last year, which had a giant air mattress to jump onto from a platform which was a few stories high.

There doesn’t seem to be an official announcement yet, but rumor has it that Cosmo’s Bikini Bash 2017 will take place on the 26th of August. Note that you will need to be on the guest list in order to attend. This year, it seems the name of the event might be changed to Cosmo45.

Below is a video of the Bikini Bash in 2015. Unfortunately I missed the 2016 event since I was in San Francisco preparing for Burning Man.

If you didn’t make it on the Cosmo45 guest list in 2017, make sure to subscribe to this email list to be notified for the Cosmopolitan party in 2018!

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