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Shotover Jet Video Shoot

I would never have imagined it’s possible to get bored of racing zig-zagging through mangrove-covered riverbanks and performing 360-degree spins in a high-powered speed boat, but today proved me wrong. Waking up at 5:30 in the morning only to finish around 6 in the evening, having spent a whole day in the burning Mexican sun with any sunscreen being washed off during every turn, I can honestly say I was very glad to go home. I looked like a taxi driver for about a week after this shoot because my arms were burnt so badly from the sleeve down. Also, my feet were soaked so badly I could peel off the skin.

Anyway, the resulting video is definitely worth the pain, even though it doesn’t seem like they had to spin us around about a hundred times for less than half a minute of footage… The guys at Eleven Media definitely did a very good job.

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