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Interview with Kathleen Nicole

Kathleen Nicole is a 23-year old model residing in San Francisco, California.

How would you introduce yourself to our readers?

I think my “far from normal” life growing up made me the “far from normal” girl I am today. I was adopted at a very young age and moved around a lot until finally I landed in the beautiful North Bay, California. I am now a full-time student and part time model. I would say people is my passion and I am majoring in Psychology. In my free time I ride my motorcycle, play piano, volunteer, and over indulge in Napa Valleys infamous food and wine.

Kathleen Nicole on a motorcycleWhen, how and why did you first get involved in the modeling industry?

I was offered my first modeling gig when I was 17. A musician in Seattle, where I was living at the time, confronted me about being the face of his band. I was so excited to play dress up professionally. Years later I tried again , applying good work ethic and positive attitude and I just kept getting booked!

What are your personal and professional goals? Where do you see yourself in five to ten years?

In ten years I would love to have at least a masters degree, and working in a field where I can make a difference either financially or hands on. I have a passion for causes such as ending solitary confinement, animal rights, and ending human trafficking. I will eventually have to pick one, but whether it be making enough money to open an orphanage, or working in the prison system itself, I know it is my calling to fight for people who may not be able to fight for their own rights.

How often are you modeling and what does it usually consist of?

Modeling has been such an adventure. The most interesting jobs I have had were sushi modeling, sexy decoy work, and a scooter shoot where i had to ride in between traffic on Oakland bridge trying to keep up with the photographer . I model every week, and it’s rare that I have a weekend off. Modeling usually photo shoots such as fitness, glamour or commercial. My favorite thing to do is music videos, and I am working on my third.

Please tell us about the best and/or worst experiences you’ve had so far in modeling.

I had the most amazing experience working on a music video with a Youtube artist. We did a freezing cold underwater shoot in the most beautiful hotel. We ended up drinking with the videographer and stayed up dancing and having deep conversations. It was amazing to me that these people I thought were so much “cooler” than me, were not so different. They encouraged me to believe in myself, and I am still friends with the artist.

Have you had anything funny, embarrassing or completely out of the ordinary happen during your modeling career?

The worst experience I have had was all of my fault. I was emailing with a guy about an extremely professional job, and I posted to Facebook something in poor taste about the job offer. He emailed me telling me he saw my Facebook post. I was so embarrassed. It taught me a good lesson about staying humble, thankful for all job offers and to keep negative comments to private messages.

Kathleen Nicole wearing a black blouseIs there anything you would change about the modeling industry if you could?

If I could change anything about the industry it would be the behavior of some of the photographers. People can tend to treat models like we are a product and not people. There is a time for work, never a time for disrespect.

Do you practice any sports and what do you typically eat? Please elaborate on the importance of nutrition and exercise in your life.

Nutrition and exercise are extremely important. So is stress relief, and mental health. People tend to focus on a couple of those things and forget the others. It’s a balance that is constantly getting juggled. I exercise regularly. Running, kickboxing, yoga, weights, and floor workouts. I don’t drink soda or juice and try to use Stevia in place of sugar. I notice, for me, when I focus on adding whole foods such as veggies, fruits, whole grains, and protein, I don’t crave bad stuff and don’t need to stress about taking things away.

Please share something people don’t know about you.

I don’t think most people know I am a musician. When I was little I always thought I would be a DJ. I play piano and sing. Music is a huge passion of mine, and although I may never try to do it professionally, it will always be a big part of my life.

Would you change anything about yourself (physical or otherwise) if you could?

If I could change anything about myself, it would be my self doubt. I think a lot of people decide what they can and cannot do. I don’t want to live in a box. I want to continue to challenge myself to aim high and leap when it’s time.

What is the longest you have gone without taking a bath?

The longest I have gone without bathing was a whole week. I have a good excuse though! I was camping in winter time, and the only option was to stand behind a tarp and get cold water poured on to you from a bucket. It was disgusting, but I was not going to freeze.

Visit Kathleen Nicole’s website for more photos and information

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