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Interview with Indigenous Destiny — Creative Director turned Model

Indigenous Destiny is a 24-year old model residing in Woodland Hills, California.

How would you introduce yourself to our readers?

I was born in Santa Monica, California on January 22, 1990 to a Dominican mixed mother and Black Native American father. Both my parents were in the entertainment industry while working full time advertising jobs. I’m a creative director, singer, songwriter, rapper, dancer, and designer. I dabble in painting, photography and editing. One of my hobbies has always been roller blading; if it’s 2 miles or less I just skate there.

When, how and why did you first get involved in the modeling industry?

When I got to the age of about 19 I started to take my music and dancing career more seriously, which meant I needed head shots for auditions and shows. The more I began shooting with photographers the more they wanted to work with me outside of my own projects. The fact that I was a dancer and knew how to pose my body made me easier to work with than other models who were tall and awkward. I would be on set for a music video and the photographer would pull me aside afterwards to do a shoot. As I posted more and more photos, photographers started to take notice and contacted me more and more. Eventually I was contacted to model for a couple clothing lines even though I’m only 5’2″. It was a kind of snowball effect.

Indigenous Destiny wearing a long zebra dressWhat are your personal and professional goals? Where do you see yourself in five to ten years?

I would love to collaborate and creative direct some semi-improv music videos with live music, dancers and vocalists. As an artist this is my goal: all of my music videos and projects would be intertwined with at least 5 or more art forms. Hopefully in that time frame I’ll have 3 to 5 albums out and have my jewelry line fully launched on a global scale.

How often are you modeling and what does it usually consist of?

I used to do music videos pretty frequently; about 4-6 per month. Now it’s down to about 1 per season. I do photo shoots about once- twice per month depending on the project. These shoots are usually fashion based, but occasionally athletic or artistic.

Please tell us about the best and/or worst experiences you’ve had so far in modeling.

The Best experience I had was actually on set of a music video. I was hired initially to be stylist and the day before we shot they told me the lead female had cancelled and they wanted me to be the lead! So the two day shoot I was in dancing and acting with the rapper and the director asks them to cut. He then told me that he wanted to shoot me for his portfolio, so that was pretty awesome.

The worst experience I had was actually on set after my music video. We stopped filming to do the shoot of me in this couture, thick knitted and wire, sculptural dress. It was 109 degrees in the middle of August and they had the reflectors on me for 45 minutes. I lost my breath and passed out in the tumbleweed in this gorgeous dress. We had to reschedule the shoot for another day.

Have you had anything funny, embarrassing or completely out of the ordinary happen during your modeling career?

I was modeling for this street wear brand in the Hollywood hills and they had me roller blading down hill in this crop top and teeny shorts. The assistant photographer was assigned to catch me at the bottom of the hill once they got the shot. However…that did not happen. I pushed to go down the hill, throwing my arms up, hair blowing in the wind like a California girl. I guess the crop top slightly came up too because the assistant was staring at me blankly with his jaw dropped and never put his hands out to catch me. I ended up plowing right into him, knocking both of us into a trash can and bushes.

Indigenous Destiny in a destroyed houseIs there anything you would change about the modeling industry if you could?

I don’t think there’s anything I would change. I’m very grateful with the niche I’ve found. I think if you want to be a successful model you need to find the photographers, editors, and creative minds that love the look and style you have. The industry has really expanded in the last 40 years and continues to do so.

Do you practice any sports and what do you typically eat? Please elaborate on the importance of nutrition and exercise in your life.

As you know I love roller blading. It’s great for the legs and abs. I also love Pilates and dance. I do those about 3-5 times a week. I believe in being and looking healthy. It doesn’t matter if you’re 105 pounds or 140 pounds. If you look healthy and your body is toned in the right places it shouldn’t matter. I mean, I happen to love tea and salads but the occasional burger or tacos I’m fine with. If I know I have a shoot coming up, I’m very adamant about nurturing my body. I don’t starve myself, but I’ll incorporate more veggies and double to triple my water intake and my workout regiment.

Please share something people don’t know about you.

I have this weird obsession with spam musubi. I know it’s so bad for you, but if anyone ever makes it I will be the first ordering a bunch.

Would you change anything about yourself?

Not really, I’m pretty fine with myself. After my acne went away I felt blessed enough! I guess I would like to have slightly bigger hips to balance out my chest, but I’m not dying to have that happen.

Are you currently in a relationship? How would you describe your partner?

My fiancé is one of the funniest people ive ever met. He’s this tall southern man who is super simple. I like to call him my little Scrooge sometimes because he’s kind of skeptical and likes to keep to himself, but deep down when he’s around me he’s a sweetheart. He’s the total opposite of me, he doesn’t like crowds, he’s a homebody…he’s just an old soul even though he’s younger than me. It’s like really hot to me that he’s so young and handsome with the personality of a cute grouchy old man.

Visit Indigenous Destiny’s website for more photos and information

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